The Rocket Sprint Start

The Rocket Sprint Start, 2011 Revised Edition

In 1964, Bud Winter published The Rocket Sprint Start, based on Armin Hary of Germany winning the 100 meters at the 1960 Olympic Games.

If you’ve seen the vintage footage, you will agree on two facts: (1) he was one of the fastest starters of all time, and (2) his pickup in the first 20 yards was amazing

What did he do differently?

A careful film analysis of Armin Hary’s form, taken from slow motion pictures, revealed seven ways in which his form differed from the rest of the sprinters. In each case they were all a definite contribution toward faster block clearance and faster pickup.

Paperback, perfect bound $21.95

Coach’s Edition, spiral bound $21.95

Bud Winter pioneered modern Track and Field, while creating the “Science of Sprinting” with his thorough, step by step detailed analysis and scientific studies.

Almost 50 years later, The Rocket Sprint Start book has been revised for the new millennium. The new edition is broken down in 3 parts:

  1. The original book printed in 1964
  2. A modern example of today’s Sprint Start, updated by Jimson Lee of
  3. Comparison to the 1960 Rocket Sprint Start to the Jamaican sprinters of 2008

The 2011 Revised Edition

You will learn:

  • Quick Overview of Starting Block Techniques
  • 5 Phases of the 100 meter Sprint
  • Different Types of Blocks
  • Setting up your Blocks
  • Getting into your blocks – The Routine
  • The “On Your Marks” Position
  • The “Set” Position
  • Gun and Reaction Time
  • Drive phase and the 1st step (clearance)

Special Edition Books

Like So You Want to be a Sprinter, this 78 page book is available in two formats, a perfect bound spine and the spiral bound “Coach’s Edition”.

Paperback, perfect bound spine$21.95

Coach’s Edition, spiral bound $21.95

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