Relax and Win 2012 Edition

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Relax and Win: Championship Performance in Whatever You Do

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Make yourself relax! It can be done. Turn your most stressful situations into moments of peak performance.

Bud Winter, renowned coach and conditioning expert, unveils the secrets that helped his track stars sprint through the intensity and pressure of high-level competition to break 37 world records.

Exclusive interviews with such supercoaches and superstars as John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach; Mark Spitz, Olympic gold medalist in seven swimming events; Dick Vermeil, the 1981 Super Bowl coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, confirm the importance of relaxation in achieving championship performance.

The updated 2012 edition by Jimson Lee of includes insights on figure skater Katarina Witt, Decathlete Daley Thompson and tennis star Boris Becker with legendary coach Frank Dick.

Relax and Win presents a thorough yet easy-to-follow plan that can teach you how to:

  • Be calm under pressure
  • Discover new energy
  • Increase your level of concentration
  • Learn faster
  • Improve physical coordination
  • Increase self-confidence

Based on mental and physical training methods used to prepare flyers for combat in World War II… techniques that were until recently locked under the heading “classified information”… this step-by-step relaxation program has had amazing results.

These proven techniques can be applied to a wide variety of everyday encounters, enabling you to start cool, calm, and in control, be more productive, and improve your performance in sports, business, or whatever you do.

In total, Coach Bud Winter produced 37 world record holders, 3 NCAA Championship, 49 NCAA records, and 27 Olympians including Tommie Smith, Lee Evans, John Carlos, Ronnie Ray Smith, and Ray Norton. Bud also coached Greece’s Chris Papanicolaou, the first man to pole vault 18 feet.

“There is no doubt in my mind that relaxation is the difference between an Olympic Gold Medal and a silver one.”

        – Bruce Jenner, USA, Gold Medalist, Decathlon, 1976 Montreal Olympics

“Your book is terrific! A great contribution.”

        – Bill Walsh, Head Coach, SF 49ers, SuperBowl Champions

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