2011 Pacific Association Legacy Coach Award

Bud Winter wins the 2011 Pacific Association Legacy Coach Award.

The PAUSATF Coaches Committee recognizes many influential coaches who have served in the association who have selflessly strengthened their sport through teaching, mentoring, and promoting their profession.

Long time Humboldt State coach Jim Hunt was the inaugural award recipient in 2010.

Criterion will be weighted heavily on coaches who were not only great coaches, but who also inspired and trained/mentored many of us to become coaches ourselves… hence the idea of a Legacy Coach Award.

  1. Coaches submitted for consideration should have mentored former athletes become successful coaches in their own right
  2. Mentored former athletes 
  3. Having coached for a period of time in the Pacific Association
  4. Exhibited qualities of ethical coaching
  5. Contributed to several aspects of the association, while promoting the sports of USATF
  6. Candidates could come from any level of coaching

Below are photos of Urla Hill accepting the award on Bud Winter’s behalf.

Congratulations to all the coaches who were nominated!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the nomination and recipient biography written and compiled by Urla Hill, M.A., Guest Curator of Speed City, SJSU (751 Kb, PDF file)

2011 Pacific Association Legacy Coach Award

2011 Pacific Association Legacy Coach Award 2

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